2615267639_eb2263f594Through These Doors offers the following interactive workshops in domestic violence, dating abuse, and stalking:  

Community Voices Matter: Community Voices Matter is an interactive skit that expresses many of the pressures placed upon victims of domestic violence by our society.  You will hear the voice of the victim and learn how to be more helpful to someone who may be experiencing abuse.

Domestic Violence 101: This program is a must for all groups.  In this session you will learn the dynamics of domestic violence, red flags of abusive behavior, how the survivor might respond and what you can do to help someone in an abusive relationship.

Domestic Violence In Later Life: This training provides a broad overview of domestic violence as it occurs in later life with particular attention paid to the signs, behaviors and unique challenges that older adults face.  Audiences are provided the opportunity of watching a video interview of a Maine woman who survives a 50-year marriage at the hands of an abusive husband.

Responding to Domestic Violence in the Workplace: Work with an advocate to create a comprehensive workplace response to domestic violence.  The training will include: Understanding the dynamics and effects of domestic abuse; Identifying signs of employees living with abuse; Reviewing workplace impact through case studies; Recommending appropriate outreach to those in need; Identifying internal and external resources for the team, employees, and organization

HealthCare Response: Less than half of health care providers routinely screen for domestic violence, yet health care providers saw 47% of intimate partner homicide victims in the year prior to their death.  This workshop will provide participants with a background in intimate partner violence; what to look for when screening patients and best response practices for those in the healthcare industry.

Incarcerated Women and Domestic Violence: This workshop will provide basic information regarding domestic violence victims in correctional institutions.  The training will provide information about what Family Crisis Services does in the jail/prison with women and why this work is relevant and important.  This workshop is important for community members and service providers who work with women who are currently incarcerated or are transitioning back into the community.

In Her Shoes: In Her Shoes is a simulation based on true stories of women with abusive partners.  This activity will help participants to understand the ups and downs a battered woman experiences over the course of many years.  This simulation will increase the awareness of the struggles that women with abusive partners face as well as illustrate that domestic violence is a community problem.  (Created by the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence)

More Than A Rap Sheet – The Real Voices of Incarcerated Women: Women from Cumberland County Jail and the Maine Correctional Center created an art exhibit that encompassed poetry and portraits that allowed them to give voices behind bars.  This workshop will provide information about the project and display the exhibit for audiences to view.  There will be discussion around what women connect to while imprisoned as well as how to have groups lead by the needs of women.

Predominant Aggressor: This presentation is geared toward law enforcement and others in the criminal justice system. Learn techniques on how to identify the predominant aggressor and reduce the amount of dual arrests that frequently occur at the scene of domestic violence crimes.

Stalking 101: This workshop will provide some basic information regarding stalking, including Federal and State stalking laws.  Learn what tools and technology stalkers use to maintain contact with their victims. Additionally, you will learn safety tips for victims of stalking.

Strangulation: Strangulation has been identified as one of the most lethal forms of domestic violence assault. In 2011 a study was conducted to look at this issue in Maine. As a result, Maine’s Aggravated Assault Statute was amended in 2012 to make strangulation a Class B felony. This course discusses the prevalence, potential lethality and impact on survivors of non-fatal strangulation.

Volunteer Training:   The Through These Doors training is offered several times throughout the year.  This is an in-depth training course that lasts for several weeks and will help to prepare you to become a volunteer or advocate for victims of domestic violence. For more information about these sessions, please contact the Community Awareness Coordinator at 207.650.4806 or

Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program – YAAPP: YAAPP offers healthy relationships and dating abuse prevention programs for young people 12 through 24 years old. Staff and faculty trainings and workshops for parents provide the tools that are needed to recognize dating abuse, know how to respond, and be aware of community resources. For more information and to schedule YAAPP, please visit our website.