Domestic violence occurs in all communities, including in the LGBTQI – Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual,  Transgender, Intersex, and Queer community. LGBTQI survivors of domestic violence have  unique barriers to face when attempting to leave an abusive partner and when reaching out for assistance. Explore this LGBTQI Power and Control Wheel to see if your partner is using abusive tactics to  control you.

Our staff receives Safe Zone training. Our programs are open to victim/survivors who are lesbians,  gay men, bisexual, Intersex, and transgender. We are sensitive to the challenges of being in a LGBTQI relationship and can respond to your concerns. Lesbian, bisexual, transgender and Intersex women are welcome in our support groups and emergency shelter.

We offer a support group for LGBTQQA+ survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. This non therapeutic peer support group is facilitated by advocates from both Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine and Through These Doors.  It is held weekly at a confidential time and location.  For more information, please call 1-800-313-9900 or email Julia Davidson at

We can Help. Call our Free 24.7 Confidential Helpline at 1.800.537.6066.

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