Safety Planning

3879321839_cfffb395f1If you think you are unsafe in your relationship, you can take steps to protect yourself. Through These Doors can help you prepare a Safety Plan and tell you about laws and resources before you need them.

If you or your children have recently been hurt or threatened by someone who is or was close to you, you may be able to get an emergency protection order. This may be done with or without a lawyer. A Through These Doors outreach advocate can explain what a protective order is, how to get one, assist in filling out the forms, and can help you explore safety concerns.

Domestic violence is a crime. Police may arrest without a warrant if they have reason to believe that assault, criminal threatening, terrorizing, or reckless conduct has taken place. Police must arrest if there has been a violation of a protective order or an aggravated assault. Maine law requires the police to stay with you as long as they think you are in danger of physical abuse and help you get necessary medical attention. Through These Doors can offer information and support when dealing with the criminal process.

Below are several translated safety planning brochures: