Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Through These Doors! The members of the volunteer team are a vital and valued part of our program. They offer support to the people who use the hotline, shelters, and outreach offices for help out of abusive relationships and life-threatening situations. The volunteer’s time, energy, and professionalism are essential to the work of Through These Doors, and because it’s unpaid, it is especially meaningful to the women, men, and children supported by it.

Through These Doors has several offices and locations in Cumberland County, all of which rely on volunteer support to run smoothly and effectively. The purpose of the volunteer program is two-fold:

  1. To provide services to victims and survivors of domestic abuse and their children that would not otherwise exist due to under-staffing and tight budgets.
  2. To keep with our philosophy and identity as a community based organization that was born out of a grassroots movement which encourages and models empowerment for women.

Training in domestic violence issues and how to work effectively and compassionately with victims in crisis is imperative. In order to volunteer, it is mandatory to take our 44-hour training which typically is offered three times throughout the year – Fall, Winter, and Spring. The training classes are held one night a week in the evenings and take place in Portland.

Once the training is completed, volunteers choose from a variety of options:

  • Our 24 hour helpline – our biggest need and most vital volunteer work
  • Support group co-facilitation
  • Tabling events
  • Office assistance
  • Projects with shelter residents
  • Child care
  • Fundraisers

For more information on how to volunteer at Through These Doors, please contact the Community Awareness Coordinator at 207.650.4806.hands